Vatican Final Ultimatum To Putin: Disclose Nibiru At Own Peril

The Vatican has issued a final warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin, commanding him, more or less, to abandon his planned Unity Day Nibiru disclosure or face the condemnation and wrath of world leaders across the globe, says longtime associate of Putin and former KGB agent Isaac Strelnikov Stepanovich. On the afternoon of September 23, Stepanovich says, a Vatican agent, operating on behalf of Pope Francis, arrived unannounced at the Kremlin with the chilling message—disclosing Nibiru will be your doom.

The Vatican representative said Putin’s scientific advisors had been victims of an elaborate disinformation campaign to trick them into believing Nibiru would arrive in 2020, when in actuality it would arrive much later. When Putin said his scientists had not only performed painstaking calculations but had also seen the Nibiru system through Russia’s most powerful telescopes, the Vatican emissary replied, “You see what we allow you to see. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“This makes the third time these Vatican animals have tried to intervene with what is clearly an internal Russian decision regarding disclosure,” Stepanovich said. “First they sent a letter, then some pawn, now they are trying again to dissuade Putin from going forward on Unity Day. They have spies everywhere. And they’ll stop at nothing to silence President Putin.”

According to information obtained by Stepanovich, Pope Francis has rallied the aid of twelve present and world leaders, at least one whom has been identified as former President Barrack Hussein Obama, in a bid to stifle Putin. If Putin utters the word Nibiru or Planet X, they plan to paint his as a raving lunatic and a threat to world peace, Stepanovich added. How the Vatican coerced foreign leaders to accept this sinister plan remains a mystery.

“The Vatican operative told Putin that prematurely disclosing Nibiru would plunge world into an unrecoverable panic, and that Catholic Archidiose, with the approval of the Celestial Bishops, would not allow that to happen. He said Putin had no authority to talk about Nibiru.”

But Putin allegedly laughed at his opposition, telling the Vatican agent to return to Rome with a message for his boss: The Vatican no longer holds sole dominion over knowledge of Nibiru, disclosure is imminent, and any attempt to meddle in Russian politics would be met with deadly response. Before being tossed from the Kremlin, he said, “This is our final warning.”

Stepanovich believes Putin will ignore the Vatican warning, citing the Russian President’s history with the KGB and hardline stance against western expansionism as evidence of man dedicated to his convictions and principles. Regardless, Kremlin security has been tightened and Russian Presidential Security Forces have been beefed up to counter the recent string of Vatican threats against Russian sovereignty.

In closing, Stepanovich says he’s convinced Putin will retaliate against Vatican intervention. “If he’s willing to eliminate Russian ambassadors who challenge him on disclosure, he’ll have no compunction in dealing with outsiders, wherever they might be.”

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