WikiLeaks Knows Nibiru Is Real

Before unceremoniously leaving the White House, former President Barrack Hussein Obama burned over three hundred pages of Nibiru research that might have helped Trump better understand the looming Planet X apocalypse. A former MI6 agent wishing to remain anonymous, who worked as a secret liaison between 10 Downing Street and the White House, claims to have witnessed Obama’s personal bonfire. Moreover, he says he gained access to key pages of the Nibiru dossiers, which he photocopied and leaked to various governmental watchdog agencies, including Wiki Leaks.

For simplicity, we shall refer to our source as Mr. Black.

From 2012-2016, Her Majesty’s government had tasked him with clandestinely monitoring communications that could have compromised American-British relations. When Obama, as one of his first presidential acts, offended the British government by returning the bust of Winston Churchill that Tony Blair had loaned to George Bush in 2001, 10 Downing Street became concerned and planted a “mole” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“The United Kingdom viewed this as an act of defiance,” Mr. Black said. “Members of parliament were gravely concerned that Obama would distance himself from his British allies, abandon decades of cooperation, and ultimately forsake the British-American relationship in favor of building alliances with predominately Muslim nations. Under the pretense of an intelligence sharing operation, the MI6 rotated agents in and out of the White House. I learned about Planet X and the Nibiru papers by accident; a disgruntled Obama aid clued me in. I did what I had to, for Queen, country, and all mankind.”

The dossier, Mr. Black said, was stored haphazardly in a simple combination safe in a West Wing annex. He cracked the safe in two minutes flat.

Mr. Black said he photocopied fifteen pages containing charts, diagrams, mathematical equations, damage predictions, and notes on how the United States would maintain continuity of government following Nibiru’s passage through the solar system. The paperwork, he said, also outlined a plan to declare martial law several months before Nibiru becomes visible to the world. He scanned the documents, and then encrypted and submitted them to Wiki Leaks using a throwaway laptop at a publically accessible Wi-Fi hotspot. To avoid being implicated in criminal malfaiscence, he “smashed the laptop to dust” and torched the photocopied pages. He said he does not know whether Wiki Leaks validated the documents; he neither wanted nor waited for a confirmation. Since Wiki Leaks has sworn to protect its sources, however, he sent proof of his identity and information confirming he had worked within the White House. He hopes someone at Wiki Leaks will realize the importance of the papers and forward them to Jullian Assange for review.

“I have no way of knowing if the info reached Assange,” Mr. Black said. “I understand Wiki Leaks has a very thorough vetting process regarding information it receives. Frankly, this material might be too hot for even them to deal with. I sincerely hope, though, that for the sake of all of us, they will properly verify the info and forward it to Assange. This is, after all, the greatest cover up in human history.

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  • Kevin Warnke

    Some of these stories are such bullshit. For one, noone would smash their stuff without knowing if it went through or not. rubbish

    • AbdielSchwitzer

      Yes these wibsites lies

    • Somebones

      Respect your opinion. But we stand by our sources. Thank you for reading.

      • BTrue2Self

        Yes, if Mr. Black were so concerned about being implicated, then why would he “tell on himself”, to a JOURNALIST of all people?! 😂😂😂

    • BTrue2Self

      Yes, I personally think including the detail of Mr. Black bragging he ‘cracked the safe in two minutes flat’ added an additional layer of credibility to the story. 😂😂😂

  • Ted

    I will believe it when Wikileaks reports it.

    • BTrue2Self

      BINGO! Until then? I call B.S.

  • RJ Rodrigue

    how does one smash a laptop to dust?

    • BTrue2Self

      😉 GOOD ONE! 😂😂😂

    • Mica Sullivan

      Put in a desk on the 89th floor of the WTC

  • Brandon Conners

    I can’t believe the utter viciousness of the People commenting on here. You People are horrible, disrespectful, mean, arrogant, crude, rude, and obnoxious. Can’t anyone comment with dignity and class? Oh, sorry I forgot, nobody has class anymore in this Satanic, disgusting, nasty, worthless society today in 2018.

    By the way, it IS possible to smash a Laptop to dust you arrogant, ignorant dolts out there! MI6 Agents have equipment to do that you morons, just like the CIA. What in God’s name makes anyone out there think that isn’t possible with all of the technology out there? For anyone’s information, D-Wave and CERN (implementing the electromagnetic fields generated by Nibiru perhaps) have changed our entire reality with Quantum computers! If they can do that, I certainly thing grinding a Laptop to dust is possible.

    Don’t People THINK anymore? I guess “critical thinking” is rare these days!