Anunnaki Portals Spawn Across The Globe

A malevolent race of extraterrestrials known as the Anunnaki visited Earth, probed its defenses, and engaged in skirmishes with military forces across the globe, says Professor Thomas P. Lowell, a theoretical physicist who has spent fifteen years unraveling the mysteries of alien intruders. These nightmarish giants—some of which stand fifteen feet tall—originate from the second planet in the Nibiru system. But unlike other extraterrestrial races, the Anunnaki use portals rather than spacecraft to travel between Earth and their native world.

According to Professor Lowell, the Anunnaki created a series of portals, or gateways, over ten thousand years ago, during one of Nibiru’s first recorded passages through our inner solar system. These doorways to Nibiru, he says, are static omnidirectional corridors normally visible only to Anunnaki. To avoid detection, they erected interplanetary gateways in isolated geographical locations unsuitable for urban development; in other words, the Anunnaki accurately predicted—or had the ability to look in the future—where humankind would ultimately build towns, cities, and metropolises. The majority of gateways are hidden in the Middle East, in places such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Yemen, secreted away in vast, uninhabited deserts.

“These nightmarish giants wanted to emerge from the portals undetected,” said Professor Lowell. “They are very adaptive; once in our world, the can even assume the guise of a human, if they wish. While the Anunnaki have indeed meddled in earthly affairs, their main mission is to prepare the Anunnaki counterpart of the CIA-issued World Factbook, complete with detailed “Guide to Country” profiles, which they want to have ready by the time of Nibiru’s scheduled arrival time—which Professor Lowell insists is still unknown, even to the Anunnaki Centcom.”

As for the portals, Professor Lowell says that they contain no physical matter; luminous energy, curtains of shimmering, kaleidoscopic light fill one’s field of vision when the gateway activates. Once an Anunnaki steps through the gateway, the light, and any hint of its existence, vanishes. These notches in the space-time continuum, Dr. Lowell says, allow instantaneous transport across vast distances of space; light years are crossed in seconds.

“What worries me most is that initially these Anunnaki only emerged through the portals in groups of two or three, probing the surroundings. Now, they are coming in bands. A few months ago, an Anunnaki cartography party emerged in Syria and promptly vaporized a Russian Special Forces,” Professor Lowell said.

Moreover, he believes these portals are more numerous than initially calculated; his research revealed sinister gateways in the Australian outback, the frigid wastes of Antarctica, and one in Trieste, Italy—from where Anunnaki are suspected to be attempting to seize the family of First Lady Melania, reaching into heavily-armed Slovenia via an unexplored underground waterway called the Timavo.

Professor Lowell hypothesizes that Earth is being softened up for a massive Anunnaki invasion; once Nibiru reaches 0.3 astronomical units from Earth, legions of Anunnaki villains will emerge through the gateways and plunder our natural resources, including our gold. Males will be harvested for food or enslaved for labor; fertile females will be whisked away to serve as breeding cattle, Professor Lowell said. He fears Earth’s defenses will not hold against a massive invasion of aliens.

If all information is accurate, our planet is in peril, not just because of Nibiru but also because of its malicious inhabitants. In closing, Professor Lowell says he believes that many “missing persons” have been abducted by Anunnaki and taken to Nibiru. Indeed, there has been a marked increase in missing persons cases, all across the planet.

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  • tige hand

    Your source doesn’t even exist as usual…you really are a sad one with your fake news and garbage.

    • AbdielSchwitzer

      These websites lies more nibiru

      • matt janovic

        Why would anyone say that the Bones lie more than Nibiru? How can Nibiru lie? It’s a planet, and planets don’t lie.

    • matt janovic

      Why would Tige claim that Professor Lowell “doesn’t even exist as usual?” Why does he not believe that professors do exist? Not only I met professors, but I had my very own, all of them existing and visible, on our very plane. I can even deliver photographs of my professors.

      I can’t present them, because I was in school sixty years ago and they are all dead by now. However, i can present my schoolmates, who will be glad to testify that Professor Delfino did exist, sixty years ago.

      • tige hand

        Hey genius pay attention will you I said his source doesn’t exist you twit not that professors don’t exist…obviously reading comprehension is something you lack.

        • matt janovic

          OK, I am most pleased to see that Tige admits the current presence of professors at Harvard and MIT. HIs only issue is that he doubt whether Professor Delfino ever taught Greek and Latin.

          Well, what can I say? I am speechless, and so are all the surviving students of Professor Delfino.

          • tige hand

            Your a total moron aren’t you…I never said they didn’t exist you twit…so I am not admitting anything except that when you look for the idiots source you find nothing so quit acting like I admitted to anything as had you paid attention to what was said you would have seen it so don’t get yourself in trouble by making shit up you tool.

          • matt janovic

            Capitalist tool indeed, always at the service of the highest bidder

          • AbdielSchwitzer

            What these lies matt javovic

          • Somebones

            Wouldn’t it be easier to just accept Nibiru is real, and stop fighting it?

          • matt janovic

            OK, I will accept the future reality of any imaginary planet, on the condition that Tige admit the past reality of Professor Delfino.

      • AbdielSchwitzer

        These Nibiru professors doctors not truths lies these websites many time

  • AbdielSchwitzer

    These webisite lies more. needs go away not back.

  • Debbie Lynn

    I can see head knowledge overrides heart knowledge. If you don’t know your Bibles well enough to know who these beings are well then prepare for a great surprise! They are NOT coming to save this planet but to destroy mankind. Your Bible has all that you need !

  • Jocko Sarlucci

    Well, I have been researching this issue for 27 years! No time to play “stupid games here”. Member of Brazilian Government just came out ‘REVEALING The So-Called LIES’, ARE Not Lies! Go to You-Tube site: // Brazil Senator discloses Plan. X, dated 5-25-17 God Save US, Amazing Revelations.