Hillary Tells Biden: “Run for President, I have your back.”

Disgraced presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and alleged pedophile “uncle” Joe Biden enjoyed a private lunch on Saturday at her Chappaqua, Long Island estate. During the two hour ta-de-tat, Clinton told him she would not seek the Oval Office in 2020, but pledged her support and financial resources toward ensuring Biden defeats Trump—or another Republican candidate—in the next general election.

Even without Hillary’s help, “uncle” Joe has quietly raised cash, garnered Democratic support, and tacitly signaled his desire to be the 46th President of the United States. Since September, he has amassed $33,000,000 from book sales and speaking engagements. He refused to speak at the University of Utah in December until the school agreed to purchase 1,000 copies of his recent memoirs, at inflated cost. He received a $100,000 fee per speech, and courted dozens of lobbyists and democratic bigwigs for hefty cash donations. Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg have given him their blessings.

And then there’s Hillary.

According to our source, a former Clinton aide who still has her ear, Hillary told Biden he’d sail through the primaries; a few other democratic candidates would run, too, but in name only, to avoid the appearance of impropriety. In essence, Biden will run unopposed.

“She promised him that she’s working on a plan to defeat whoever the Republicans throw at him. She claims she learned from her 2016 mistakes but doesn’t want to run again because too many people have judged her unfairly. By seating Biden in the White House, she’ll pretty much be a proxy president,” our source said.

A Biden presidency is a frightening thought to comprehend, as the Clintons and their criminal conspirators would likely manipulate Biden—already mired in pedophilic controversy—and enact their own agenda behind the scenes. He’s not so secretly known around Washington as “Uncle Joe” because of his fascination with the sons and daughters of his colleagues.

“This is not the type of leadership our nation needs,” our source said. “I’ve been around him a few times, and he’s as creepy as they come. Everyone knows he’s a sicko but they ignore it and protect him, and now want him as president.”

Asked if Hillary will run as VP, he said she now prefers to operate in the shadows but will probably handpick Biden’s running mate. Likely candidates include Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke and Arizona Congresswoman Krysten Sinema, who would have to vacate her freshly won seat.

Biden is expected to announce his plans in the coming weeks, after consulting with friend and family. And Hillary has hired an army of Democratic strategists to prep him for the coming battle.

“She  point black told him, “don’t worry about Trump. We know how to deal with him. Don’t worry about anyone else. Run for president, we have your back.””

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